NCB Hazmat and Cargo Training safety of Life and Cargo at Sea

NCB Services List

Grain Vessel Surveys

Grain Certificate of Readiness

Grain Certificate of Loading

Grain Stability Reviews

Grain Approvals

Vessel Cleanliness Certificate

On-Hire(Off-Hire) Condition and Bunker Surveys

Draft Surveys

Hatch Integrity/Securing Surveys

Hatch Sealing Surveys

Maximum Loadable Cargo and Dead Freight Surveys

Bulk Cargo Vessel Surveys

Coal and Bulk Cargo Certificates of Loading

Pile Surveys

Vessel Cleaniness Certificate

On Hire/Bunker Surveys

Draft Surveys

Hatch Integrity/Securing Surveys

Hatch Sealing Surveys

Dead Freight/Max Loadable

Container Vessel Surveys

Loading Certificates

Dangerous Cargo Manifest Reviews

Hazardous Stowage and Segration Reviews

Break Bulk/Heavy Lift Surveys

Cargo Gear Certification

On Hire/Bunker Surveys

Damaged Cargo Surveys

Draft Surveys

Container/Cargo Inspections

Hazardous Container/Tank Inspections

Hazardous Stowage and Segregation Reviews

Container Structural Serviceability Inspections

Flat Rack Securing Inspections

Container Loading/Securing Inspections

Damaged Cargo Surveys

Radioactive/Explosive Cargo Surveys

Claims and Loss Prevention

Project Cargo Risk Management

Marine Warranty Surveys – Project Cargo

Shipping and Handling Consultations

Cargo Security Risk Assessments and Consultations

Warehouse Risk Assessments

Cargo Suitability Surveys

Marine Liability Risk Assessments

Expert Witness Services

Damaged Cargo Surveys

Flag State Inspections