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Product Overview

National Cargo Bureau, Inc. performs Open Hatch Surveys to assess the condition of cargo upon the vessels arrival at the discharge port. Furthermore, an Out-turn survey will provide details of any cargo found damaged at arrival or during discharge.

These inspections include:

  • Checking the general condition of cargo stowed in the vessels holds upon first opening the hatch covers at the discharge port.
  • Assessment of any cargo damage by moisture and/or water ingress. Tests for the presence of chlorides by using a solution of silver nitrate can determine whether seawater or freshwater damage.
  • Review of the vessels logbooks to report on weather during loading of the cargo at load ports, and sea conditions and ventilation procedures during the voyage.
  • Constant attendance or daily visits during cargo discharge operations.
  • Inspection of discharged cargo in storage yards or warehouses to provide details of cargo damage.
  • Provide cargo discharge tally and OS&D report if provided from the stevedores.

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