Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

Since its inception in 1952, National Cargo Bureau (NCB) has been singularly committed to the safety of life and cargo at sea.  NCB came into existence because of the need to prevent maritime disasters brought about by the shipment of dangerous goods.  With offices in 18 U.S. port locations, NCB operates on a nationwide basis (and globally through our virtual capabilities) helping to enhance safety and ensure compliance with regulations through inspection and surveying activities predominantly relating to dangerous goods, the stability of ships carrying bulk cargoes, and proper stowage and securing of cargo for sea.

In 2018, NCB acquired Exis Technologies, a software company aligned with the corporate mission, ensuring safety and compliance in the global transportation of dangerous goods.  Together we have an established global reach; physically and digitally.  This global presence has sharpened our recognition of ESG responsibilities.

As an organization, every effort is made to be transparent throughout all our business endeavors.  This policy is intended to demonstrate the management team’s shared commitment to these principles and explicitly guide the implementation of ESG practices.

At the heart of our ESG approach is the simple idea that our values and commitment to long-term sustainability is the way we strive to responsibly fulfill our mission: THE SAFETY OF LIFE AND CARGO AT SEA.  National Cargo Bureau takes accountability for the impact we make on society.

National Cargo Bureau strives to reduce the environmental impact of our assets by using natural resources more efficiently as we carry out daily surveying activities.  Additionally, through the services NCB provides, we assist our business partners in minimizing the environmental risk associated with transporting cargo over navigable waters.  The services provided endeavor to detect inadequately packaged or secured dangerous goods / marine pollutants to prevent incidents that could adversely impact the environment.

National Cargo Bureau is committed to creating an inclusive, safe, and productive work environment for all individuals in the workplace to succeed and grow professionally. Addressing social factors such as workplace diversity and inclusion, workplace environment, and community involvement help us to generate a better brand and in return, assist us in attracting and maintaining the best talent. NCB accomplishes this by investing time and resources into the workplace, employee volunteerism, and providing educational scholarships to five maritime colleges.  In short, we are committed to respecting human rights and implementing best practices to do so in all our processes from service initiation to delivery.

National Cargo Bureau seeks to operate and manage our business with the highest level of standards and ethics, transparency, governance, and consideration for long-term growth.   Operating global services and technology solutions also reinforces our commitment to managed data ethically, being a trustworthy partner with appropriate and relevant use.  Having transparency through the due diligence and decision-making processes is a turnkey solution to establishing a work environment where morals and principles are aligned throughout all our business practices.

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