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Product Overview

Designed to provide a thorough knowledge of the IMDG Code vessel stowage & segregation provisions. This course is stand-alone, hands-on, function specific training covering the IMDG Code and SOLAS vessel & stowage provisions. This course is ideal for Vessel Officers, Vessel Planners and shore based Vessel Operator Hazardous Materials / Dangerous Goods staff. This program is also applicable to Marine Terminal and Stevedore personnel who are involved with stowing vessels.

How to buy and price

  • Client Location: USD 1,300* plus USD 30 per person
  • NCB Location: USD 365 per person (minimum number may apply)

*Additional charges may apply for travel to client’s locations outside local office areas and/or for training performed on weekends, nights (outside 0800-1700) or holidays.

NCB also offers general on going consultative support or specific guidance relating to the transport of dangerous goods.

Fee: Monthly retainer

For further information contact Graeme McPhee (contact details opposite).

Key Contact

Graeme McPhee
180 Maiden Lane, Suite 903
New York, New York 10038

Tel: (212) 785 8300
Cell: (917) 769 6693

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