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Product Overview

Since 1952, National Cargo Bureau Inc. has, by assignment and under the authority of the US Coast Guard, issued certificates which are prima facie evidence of compliance with the Rules and Regulations for Bulk Grain Loading.

Prior to the loading of bulk grain for export, National Cargo Bureau Inc. will determine if the subject vessel is ready in all respects. The attending NCB Surveyor will address the following:
  • Review all pertinent documents and verify the vessel’s fitness to load bulk grain.
  • Conduct a hold inspection and confirm the cleanliness, bilge readiness, structural integrity, protection against heat and electrical hazards, and proper installation of moveable bulkheads, if applicable.
  • Check the compliance with grain stability requirements, as demonstrated by the proper completion of the National Cargo Bureau Grain Stability Calculation Form.

When the documents and stability calculation have been found in order, and the holds have passed inspection, the National Cargo Bureau Surveyor will issue a Grain Certificate of Readiness. This document confirms that the vessel is ready in all respects to load a cargo of bulk grain and is normally presented by the vessels representative to the grain loading elevator as evidence of readiness.

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