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Available from Exis Technologies in English and Spanish

Product Overview

National Cargo Bureau’s software division Exis Technologies has been producing e-learning courses for the transport industry since 2010.

The Dangerous Goods Transport General Awareness course is for personnel who need a familiarization with dangerous goods transport regulations and an awareness of the duties that arise from them.

The Dangerous Goods Transport General Awareness course fully meets the ‘general awareness/familiarization training’ requirements in of the IMDG Code, of the ADR Agreement and RID Regulations and also highlights requirements in the air transport regulations and includes the 49CFR additional requirements for international shipments moving under the IMDG Code through, to or within the US. domestic dangerous goods regulations.

It is ideal for warehouse personnel, clerical workers, administrators, managers, customer service and/or sales personnel and others who have a very limited direct involvement in dangerous goods shipping or transport activities but need a general appreciation of the regulations.

The following sections are included in the program:

  • Course scope and objectives
  • Dangerous goods transport legislation
  • Classification and identification
  • Consignment and transport procedures
  • The journey rules – operational consideration
  • Emergency response issues

IMDG Code e-learning has been assessed and certified against DNV GL Standard for Certification of Learning Programs.

The price of the course is GBP 62 per course for up to ten courses, with a multiple copy discount for 11 courses or more.

The course duration is 3-5 hours (please note that this timing is subjective and dependent on previous experience and learning capabilities).

The course is produced by NCB’s software division, Exis Technologies, and can be purchased directly from their website in USD at the current exchange rate. It is available in English and Spanish.

Multiple courses are managed with an e-learning administrator system which allows a designated person in the organisation to set up courses on behalf of students and monitor progress.

Please contact Graeme McPhee for more more information or go directly to the Exis website to purchase.

  • Benefits

    • Compliance – meets the mandatory training requirements in the IMDG Code for all those involved in the transport of dangerous goods by sea. The course also meets the general awareness requirements under the U.S. 49CFR for international shipments moving to, through or from the U.S. by sea.
    • Cost-effective – typically a fraction of expensive classroom time and less disruptive than absence from work.
    • Safety – produced by dangerous goods transport specialists.
    • Efficiency – delivers consistent training standards across global operations, especially relevant to corporate quality assurance programmes.
    • Up to date – the course is updated in line with Amendment and Errata changes.
    • Certificate – assessment throughout the course and final course completion certificate provided as record of training.

Key Contact

Graeme McPhee
180 Maiden Lane, Suite 903
New York, New York 10038

Tel: (212) 785 8300
Cell: (917) 769 6693

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