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Product Overview

National Cargo Bureau, Inc. is regularly appointed by various clients to conduct inspections of containers and tanks which are subject to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code and/or 49CFR (US Hazardous Materials Regulations) when used to transport hazardous materials. This service is offered with respect to carriage by vessel.

Services can be performed both physically on-site or remotely. In order to find out more information about remote inspections please click here.

These inspections include:

  • Review of Documents provided for apparent hazmat description discrepancies in accordance with the IMDG Code and/or 49CFR.
  • Physical examination of the transport unit for structural serviceability and suitability for the cargo carried to verify compliance with the IMDG Code and/or 49CFR.
  • Physical examination of placarding, marking, stowage and securing to verify compliance with the IMDG Code, CTU Code, and/or 49CFR.
  • Any leaks, spills, incorrectly labeled and/or damaged packages or any undeclared or misdeclared hazmat / dangerous goods cargoes sighted are noted.
  • Informing the client(s) of any deficiencies present and corrective action required.

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