Shipboard Training – on Vessel

Product Overview

Designed to provide vessel personnel general awareness training under U.S. regulations in 49 CFR. This course is based on the 49 CFR requirements comprised of training and testing in safety and security awareness and general awareness/familiarization covering specific training on use of the hazmat table, appendices, shipping papers, emergency response information and carriage by vessel.

Course lasts approximately 4 hours. 

How to buy and price

  • On-site only: USD 800* plus USD 25 per person per session-weekdays, 0800-1700
  • On-site only: USD 1,200 plus USD 25 per person per session-weekends, holidays, nights

*Additional charges may apply for travel to client’s locations outside local office areas and/or for training performed on weekends, nights (outside 0800-1700) or holidays.

NCB also offers general on going consultative support or specific guidance relating to the transport of dangerous goods.

Fees: Monthly retainer

For further information contact Graeme McPhee (contact details opposite).

Key Contact

Graeme McPhee
180 Maiden Lane, Suite 903
New York, New York 10038

Tel: (212) 785 8300
Cell: (917) 769 6693

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