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Product Overview

National Cargo Bureau, Inc. at the request of various clients issues Certificates of Loading for vessels loading various bulk cargoes. These Certificates of Loading are considered prima facie evidence that the vessel was loaded in accordance with National Cargo Bureau recommendations and various regulations, including the IMO International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code.

National Cargo Bureau primarily issues these Certificates of Loading for vessel’s loading coal in bulk. Certificate of Loading may however be issued at the client’s request for other types of bulk cargo provided that cargo is loaded in accordance with our recommendations and oversight.

Our Certificates of Loading when loading coal cover the following:

  • Inspection of all cargo spaces to verify that they are suitably clean and prepared for a cargo of bulk coal.
  • Review of the vessel’s Document of Compliance for the Carriage of Bulk Cargoes to ensure that the intended cargo can be safely carried.
  • Verify cargo monitoring equipment is onboard.
  • Ensure shipboard personal are aware of the hazards associated with the carriage of bulk coal, including the schedule for coal in the IMSBC Code.
  • Issue a Certificate of Readiness during the initial inspection, which certifies the vessel is ready in all respects to receive the intended cargo.
  • Issue a Certificate of Loading at the completion of loading, which certifies the vessel was loaded in accordance with NCB recommendations and governmental regulations.

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