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General Enquiries

  • Where is your head office located?

    Our head office is located in New York.

  • How do I get information about a training course or a service?

    NCB has offices in 18 major US ports. We are also represented in many other US port locations. Please use our location map to find the surveyor closest to your port location.


  • What is Hazcheck?

    Hazcheck Systems help our customers comply with the IMDG Code when shipping dangerous goods by sea. Exis Technologies, our software division has been producing Hazcheck Systems for every link in the sea transport chain for over 35 years. Exis has been part of the NCB Group since 2018. Together our not for profit mission is Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea. We offer Hazcheck Validate for declared dangerous goods cargo, Hazcheck Detect for Undeclared & Misdeclared Cargo, Hazcheck Inspections for containerised cargo inspections and data.

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