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Product Overview

NCB Damaged Cargo Surveys are conducted on behalf of ship owners, operators, and charterers as well as logistics service providers, cargo insurers or P&I clubs. These surveys may be conducted on board the vessel or at shore side locations depending on the nature and circumstances surrounding the incident and disposition of the cargo at time of NCB’s appointment.

Services can be performed both physically on-site or remotely. In order to find out more information about remote inspections please click here.

These surveys include:

  • Investigating and obtaining pertinent information to establish and document the circumstances surrounding the loss (i.e. affected parties, contractual relationships, shipping terms, conveyance details, voyage details, stowage and securing, affected cargo details, etc.)
  • Detailed inspection of affected cargo to determine aspect, nature and extent of the damage
  • Rendering an opinion on the cause of loss based on the NCB surveyor’s investigation
  • Providing recommendations on actions to mitigate the subject loss as well as potential future similar losses

Please contact Captain Scott Brown for more information.

Key Contact

Captain Scott Brown
Deputy Chief Surveyor
498 Wando Park Blvd.
Suite 1125
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Tel: (843) 849 6670
Cell: (843) 345 9951

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