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Product Overview

This is an on-line version of National Cargo Bureau’s U.S. Coast Guard-approved Stability for Fishermen course (NATCAR-472).

It is intended primarily for Skippers of commercial fishing vessels, although it may also be of benefit to others in the fishing industry concerned with safe fishing vessel operation.

The course comprises eight modules, each with a series of multiple-choice questions. Upon completion of the course with a satisfactory grade (80% or better), a certificate will be issued.

Satisfactory completion of the course will provide documentation of compliance with the Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Advisory Committee (CFIVSAC) and USCG recommendations that persons in charge of commercial fishing vessels receive stability training.

How to buy

You can purchase this course by clicking on the blue ‘click to purchase course online‘ button on this web page. The course login details are automatically sent to you via the NCB website once payment has been received.

The price of each course is USD 100. It takes around 25 hours to complete.


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