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This course is an abbreviated version of a self-study course in ship’s stability, originally designed to ensure that National Cargo Bureau (NCB) surveyors understood and were able to properly apply the stability concepts necessary for safe loading and carriage of bulk grain. This has since been made available, as a separate self-study course, to all who may have a particular need or interest in understanding the process and complexities involved in planning for and satisfactorily accomplishing the loading of a cargo of bulk grain, particularly as it relates to compliance with the requirements of the International Code for the Safe Carriage of Grain in Bulk (International Grain Code). This may include vessels’ operators, charterers, stevedores, agents and anyone else that may have an influence on, or concern for the outcome of, the loading of vessels with bulk grain.

The course consists of four modules and addresses the requirements relating to both statical stability, dealing with initial stability as measured by GM, and dynamical stability, which is concerned with the righting energy of the vessel over a range of angles of heel. The International Grain Code is largely based upon dynamical stability and the course deals with the stability calculations necessary to demonstrate compliance with the International Grain Code as well as United States Coast Guard (USCG) alternatives that may be applicable to certain domestic voyages.

A copy of NCB’s publication, “General Information for Grain Loading” is provided with the course, along with an excerpt copy of a Grain Stability Booklet for a Panamax bulk carrier. The course consists of more than the textual materials, however, each work assignment is submitted to NCB upon completion. After review and grading, the papers are returned to the student with appropriate comments. NCB also offers support throughout at no additional cost. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, a certificate is issued.

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The price of the course is USD 375 plus shipping. Shipping fees will be charged at cost. A bank service charge of USD 50 will be added for all checks drawn on foreign banks or submitted in foreign funds.

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