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Product Overview

This is a narrated course and meets the training and security requirements of Chapter 1.3 and 1.4 of the IMDG Code.

The course is based on the IMDG Code requirements for the international intermodal dangerous goods shipments concerning marine operations. It is comprised of training and testing in safety and security awareness and general awareness/familiarization covering specific training on use of the dangerous goods list, hazard communication, documentation, segregation, and emergency response information.

  • Course Modules 1 to 5

    Module 1 – Introduction to the IMDG Code An introduction to Dangerous Goods and the IMDG Code format

    • Includes an overview of the training and security requirements as well as Emergency Response and Incident Reporting
    • Classification of Dangerous Goods, also known as Hazardous Materials
    • Structure of the Dangerous Goods List
    • Emergency Response – IMDG

    Module 2 – CTU Placarding and Marking

    • Reviews the IMDG Code requirements for basic package marking and labeling and the placarding and marking requirements for cargo transport units.

    Module 3 – Documentation

    • Covers applying the IMDG Code regulations: specifically examining the documentation required throughout the ocean portion of the transportation chain and its application.

    Module 4 – Stowage and Segregation

    • This module concentrates on the segregation requirements for incompatible cargo within CTU’s. Additionally, this module provides a brief overview of the segregation requirements between incompatible containers on board container vessels
    • Each module includes a quiz covering its course topic.
    • A final test covering all course material is given after completing Module 4.

    Course length is approximately 4-6 hours.

    Module 5 – 49 CFR Additional Requirements

    • This module provides additional US requirements under 49CFR for international intermodal dangerous goods shipments that are moving to, through or from the United States. This module meets the requirements of 49CFR 171.23(g)(2) and part H of part 172.
    • In addition to Modules 1 through 4, Module 5 is required for Marine Terminals handling dangerous goods shipments in this trade lane.
    • Course length is approximately 1 hour. An additional test must be completed before receiving your certificate of training.

How to buy

You can purchase this course by clicking on the blue ‘click to purchase course online‘ button on this web page. The course login details are automatically sent to you via the NCB website once payment has been received.


Combined IMDG 49CFR General Awareness Training course covering Modules 1 through 5  USD 310 Click to Purchase IMDG/49CFR Course

IMDG General Awareness Training only course – USD 230 Click to Purchase IMDG Course

49CFR General Awareness Training only course – USD 80 Click to Purchase 49CFR Course

Study time: 7 hours

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