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Product Overview

National Cargo Bureau, Inc. is regularly appointed by various clients to conduct surveys of the loading, stowage and securing of Heavy Lift cargoes.

These surveys include:

  • Consulting with interested parties on the proposed load and stow, with regard to any special requirements, such as bedding, additional welded securing points or stoppers, etc.
  • Inspecting cargo prior to loading, checking for any existing damages.
  • Consulting with vessel’s representatives, e.g. Master, Chief Officer, Port Captain on proposed stowage and securing, with special reference to vessel’s Cargo Securing Manual and deck point-loads.
  • Ensuring suitable lifting gear is utilized.
  • Witnessing the loading operation and recording any unusual circumstances.
  • Inspecting the cargo after loading to document any handling damages.
  • Examining the securing arrangement to ensure that lashings have been applied correctly, and the overall system complies with the requirements of the IMO CSS Code.

National Cargo Bureau has conducted these surveys on a variety of cargoes, including locomotives, transformers, generators and various project cargoes.

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