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Product Overview

At the request of various clients, National Cargo Bureau, Inc. conducts reviews of vessels’ Hazardous Materials Stowage and Segregation to ensure the safe transport of such materials and ensure compliance with National and International Regulations.

Services can be performed both physically on-site or remotely. In order to find out more information about remote inspections please click here.

Stowage and Segregation reviews include:

  • Ensuring that the in-transit and planned stowage of Hazardous Materials meet the stowage requirements of 49CFR Part 176 and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code Chapter 7.
  • Ensuring that no segregation discrepancies exist with respect to in-transit and planned stowage of Hazardous Materials in accordance with the governing regulations.
  • Verify stowage is in accordance with the vessels Document of Compliance for Dangerous Goods.
  • Making recommendations as to satisfactory stowage locations when discrepancies are noted during our reviews.
  • These reviews are usually conducted in conjunction with a review of the Dangerous Cargo Manifest.

These reviews may be conducted prior to the arrival of the vessel at the load port or during the start of loading operations. National Cargo Bureau also conducts these reviews remotely for vessels loading at remote locations via electronic means.

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