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Exis Technologies, the software division of National Cargo Bureau, offers Hazcheck Systems to validate declared dangerous goods cargo

Around 10% of containerised shipments include declared dangerous goods.  Managing the transport of dangerous goods by sea can be a complex task. They need to be properly classified, packaged, packed and declared throughout the supply chain.

If the cargo is properly declared as dangerous goods, shipping lines can use Hazcheck to verify that the declared dangerous goods cargo complies with the IMDG Code and other local rules and restrictions. More than 400,000 validations are made with Hazcheck per month for the top 10 lines representing 80% of the world’s DG container traffic. Around 4,000 rejections are picked up each month with the software for declared dangerous goods.

We have Hazcheck Systems for every link in the sea transport chain which help to automate compliance checks and process shipments in a more efficient and safe manner. 9 of the top 10 global container lines use Hazcheck and around 90% of the UK ferry lines as well as shippers, freight forwarders, logistics companies and ports.

If you ship or handle dangerous goods Hazcheck Systems could help you to validate declared dangerous goods cargo:

• Improve efficiency and productivity
• Increase safety
• Ensure compliance

For more information go the Exis Technologies website or contact sales@existec.com

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