Past Award Recipients 2013

Each year since 1977, this award has been presented to the outstanding graduate in cargo-related courses at the U.S. Maritime Schools. The criteria for the award is that a cadet (or midshipman) displays outstanding interest, imagination, endeavor and academic achievement in the field of cargo handling, stowage and securing based upon practical cargo handling and academic excellence in the marine materials handling sequence.



NCB Corporate Secretary Kris Wiede Presents The NCB Excellence in Cargo Operations Award to U.S. Merchant Academy Cadet Tyler William in June, 2013








NCB Newark Surveyor and SUNY Maritime College Alumni Capt. Warren Engle presents The NCB Excellence in Cargo Operations Award to SUNY Maritime College Cadet Martin Brown with Cadet Brown’s mom and President Admiral Wendi Carpenter in May, 2013





NCB Senior Surveyor at our San Francisco office Capt. Atanas Atanasov presents The NCB Excellence in Cargo Operations Award to California Maritime Academy Cadet John Y. Neuman in April, 2013







Captain Charles B. Weeks, Professor Emeritus of Marine Transportation and Nautical Science, Maine Maritime Academy, presents the NCB award to Cadet Andrea-Leigh M. West in May, 2013.





Capt. C. Dolton presenting The NCB Excellence in Cargo Operations Award to Cadet James F. Riccardone at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in June, 2013






At the Great Lakes Maritime Academy, The NCB Excellence Award was presented to Cadet Arlen Lesatz who received it after returning from his tour while out at sea in May, 2013



Awards Presented at the following Maritime Schools – 2013

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy – Kings Point
State University of NY Maritime College
Maine Maritime Academy
California Maritime Academy
Massachussetts Maritime Academy
Great Lakes Maritime Academy

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