General News April 17, 2022     1:46 pm

NCB Group, comprising New York based parent company, National Cargo Bureau and their software division, Exis Technologies, global leaders in IT solutions for the management of dangerous goods in sea transport, are celebrating four years of working together with their not for profit mission of Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea.

National Cargo Bureau acquired Exis in 2018 after a decade of developing innovative solutions together, including Hazcheck Inspections, a web-based container inspections database and access portal launched in the same year. This was followed by the launch in 2021 of another joint initiative, Hazcheck Detect, a cargo screening tool for misdeclared and undeclared dangerous goods.

NCB Group celebrated the anniversary with a Team Day in their UK office attended by President of National Cargo Bureau, Ian Lennard and CEO, of Exis, James Douglas. The day included discussions about new industry solutions being developed by the NCB Group.

Ian Lennard , NCB President commented, “I am delighted to be able to join the Exis team in person at their Darlington based office following a long period of travel restrictions due to the pandemic. It was good to catch up on the progress being made with developments to the company’s product portfolio. We have some exciting new IMDG Code digital solutions in the pipeline for Amendment 41-22 which we will be sharing with our customer base later in the year.”

James Douglas, Exis Technologies CEO said, “2022 has been a year of celebrations – 70 years for National Cargo Bureau, 35 years for Exis Technologies and 4 years for the companies joining together as the NCB Group. The success of the companies independently has been the foundation for the future of the NCB Group moving forward. We are all excited to find out where this will lead us as we develop new solutions and continue in our mission of Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea.”

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